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The Riverstone Family Resource Centre is a space that families can utilize to access resources and information, in addition to being a place to find social opportunities and support. The Centre will be a means of meeting some of the central goals of our society in that it will create opportunities for children and families to enhance their quality of life.

Riverstone will act as the umbrella under which we can grow and adapt to the changing needs of our community. It will function as a community hub where accessibility and inclusivity are paramount.

Please check out our resource guide for Chase and the surrouding area.


It's currently a work in progress and we will be adding and updating the information regularly. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 

Resource and Service Connection

One of the most important functions of the Family Resource Centre will be to provide a space for service providers to offer their services to the community. We will make the space available to social workers and others in order to bring more of these opportunities to people in the Chase area. Currently, access to this type of service is drastically limited for families, who are often expected to travel to larger communities. By providing a space to access these services, we hope to make them more widely available to those who need them. 

In addition, staff will have office hours in which community members can drop in, email, or phone-in to inquire about local services and resources that are available in our area to families. 

Riverstone will fulfill our mandate by being the center of operations for service and resources delivery for families in the community of Chase and the surrounding area. A major obstacle we have come across again and again since CAFS was founded in 2019 is in accessing space from which to host our programs and services. By starting a Resource Centre, we will be overcoming one of our biggest hurdles in service delivery.

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