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Our Programs

We offer a variety of community-based programs that aim to connect families to relevant resources, programming, and educational opportunities. Our programs are designed to foster personal growth, leadership skills, and a love for the outdoors. Click on a program below to learn more.

Youth Mountain Biking Program
IRIDE 2.jpeg

In Spring 2020 we hosted our very first mountain bike program, and we have been running spring and autumn programs in partnership with CycleBC ever since. One of the big draws of living in Chase is the surrounding natural beauty- mountain biking is a skill that enables kids to get active and explore our unbeatable landscapes in a fun and social way.

We keep our popular Cycling program as accessible as possible by keeping the fees low and arranging car pools. Each session includes a game, a new skill, and a trail ride. We have a fleet of high quality loaner bikes and helmets for children and youth who are not able to access a bike otherwise.

2024 will bring another set of Spring and Autumn Programs. We will explore new trails, and we hope to continue with our goals to keep this program accessible by providing access to high quality gear and support to families who otherwise wouldn’t be able to participate.

Pollinator Project

The goal of this project is to create safe habitat and food sources for local pollinators. In addition, projects will increase local biodiversity, provide public education on the topics of climate change and environmental protection, and connect local residents with their natural surroundings.

This is a multi year project that began in 2022 and has expanded in subsequent years. We are working towards local food security by supporting individual families in creating their own gardens with information and resources. In addition, we have established and maintain multiple pollinator gardens in partnership with other community organizations and are in the process of creating a Learning Garden in Willson Park.


We offer many opportunities to educate community members on both the importance of pollinators and how to care for them.

Everwild Explorers Program

This full day nature immersion program is for children aged 5-12 at Aylmer Road Beach. Each themed session includes an art and science project, and we meet year round, in all weather. The result is a group of children who are accustomed to being out in the elements, skilled in self-regulation, and who are able to work together to meet the group's needs and accomplish goals.

In addition, we are beginning to offer school programs for classes to enjoy time in nature throughout the year. Find us by Chase Creek and in local parks, playing and learning about the mystery of the natural world.

Children can find magic in the most ordinary of spaces. What matters is that they build a relationship to a place, through regular and repeated access to it, in the way that is most fitting to them: through play. Children at play in nature – that’s at the heart of Ever Wild Explorers.

Arts and Recreation Program

The goal of the Arts and Recreation Program is to create opportunities for children and youth to access affordable learning experiences in our the Chase area. In a small community the chance to explore new interests can be limited, so we seek out educators and individuals that are enthusiastic about the arts to share their skills and interests with local kids.

Throughout the year we offer classes and day camps on a variety of topics and interests. 

Early Years Program
early_years pic.jpg

Our early years programs will provide a casual and welcoming space where parents and their young children can come as they are for resources and social connection. 


Early years groups offer parents the information they need to be able to raise their children to the best of their ability, and provide children with experiences to help grow healthy brain connections. This is why they are so crucial in all communities: they can really make a difference.

Stay tuned for future family drop in groups, parenting programs, and more...

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